Valuing yourself and how it translates through placement and volunteering

Recently I have become very aware of how we value ourselves shows up in different ways.

It is interesting to watch our actions and become aware of where you sit when entering a room. Do you take the front seat, find a corner, stand in the back or speak to the audience? Ask yourself why you choose the place you do. What does it remind you of? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you feel you are allowed to take up space on earth?

How you value yourself shows up in how worthy you feel about being paid your true value for what you do. How much of your time do you volunteer? Does the volunteer work translate to other new opportunities or experiences which increase your sense of self worth? Or are you volunteering to feel like you are making a contribution? Does it provide you with a sense of value that your own current work situation doesn’t?

Volunteering is a great gauge for how you value yourself and your skills. If you are constantly being called on to do a certain type of work, are you always doing it for free or do you see your value and are allowing yourself to be compensated in some ways (ex. Monetary, connections, opportunities). If you are doing it out of the purity of your heart, ask yourself “Am I truly valuing my skills and talents?” Then ask yourself “How can I value my skills and talents and still contribute to society in the ways I would like to?”

Our value is something intrinsic that we were born with and our experiences help us define. It is always to be aligned with the highest level of self worth as that is how others will treat you as well – with the highest level of value.