How randomness adds to happiness

I loved this randomness as I was out for a walk yesterday. It made me super happy to see the TV. It has a scene of the Wild West as a backdrop.

I love randomness in my life. It always makes me happier and adds to my life. I find that it gives me the variety I need in life to feel more alive.

I have a need to try new things and do things differently. What have you always wanted to try? What makes you happy? How much do you allow it into your life so you are happy all the time?

For the last few days, I have been feeling really tired and I couldn’t figure it out. Finally through a conversation with a friend I realized that I had some emotions that I wasn’t acknowledging. This random walk was the celebration of acknowledging those emotions.

What happens with you when you are not expressing or acknowledging emotions? Hit reply and let me know. I’m interested as some people are tired, or they feel numb, they feel as they are just going through the motions of life or they may be angry for no reason. What happens with you? If you aware of it, you can at least move through easier.

In the Reclaim your Life 6-week in-person and online program, we will be looking at these unacknowledged emotions that may be affecting your day to day subconsciously. We will be bringing them to the surface so you can master them and live life in more randomness and happiness.

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