Is it work when you are having fun?

Is it work when you are having fun?

What is it that you notice about this picture? There is lots of people and a little boy dancing as the obvious. What emotion do you see in the boy?

I am seeing alot of joy, passion and celebration. He is having fun.

As I was prepping for this Media launch of the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society(VIBC) City of Bhangra festival 2012 (www.cityof bhangra.com), I realized I was having fun with my role in this organization. I have been with VIBC for the last 6 years in various roles from event coordinator to operations to festival production to grant writer to tresaurer to vice-chair. I have grown as a professional and personally from my experience with the organization. The best part is I am only with the organization because I have fun. I feel passion and joy and I meet like-minded individuals.

This is a volunteer role. I used to have a belief that I couldnt have fun and enjoy what I do because life is struggle and work. In the past year with my own business, I know there is space for fun, passion and joy while earning money.

How can you have more fun in your career? Are you having fun now or do you need a change?