Handling conflict from a new perspective

Handling conflict from a new perspective

There are bound to be workplace conflicts and people who annoy us beyond measure. The interesting thing is if you actually sat and reflected, you would realize the individuals who bother you the most are the ones who resemble the energy of someone from your past.

For instance, the lady who bosses everyone around and doesn’t let others have their way is the one who may reflect your mom or mother-in-law.

Conflict is created when there is an unsettling of values, beliefs, perceptions due to them being challenged by another person. The filters placed on the values, beliefs, and perceptions are based on our cultural and family upbringing.

A way to handle conflict is:

  1. Reflect on what really is the core issue and what is irritating you.
  2. Where do you need to take responsibility?
  3. What past experiences is this reminding you of?
  4. Who does this person remind you of and what unresolved situations do you have with that person?
  5. What would be the best outcome for the situation that is in the highest good for everyone?
  6. Then go talk to the person with a clear mind and clear intention. Stay in a place of love for yourself as that will allow you to be more compassionate and more focused on an outcome that supports both parties.