See Yourself from the Eyes of the Other Person

In a recent conversation with a friend about the insecurities that come up in relationships, I was reminded of a practice that I had started a few months ago. This practice started when I realized there were times that I was not seeing my own value, worth or the sense of accomplishment that others see in me.

This was a tough place fro me to be in. I knew that others had high regard for me for many different reasons, but it was not until I started to see myself from the perspective of the other person that I started to have a new sense of value for myself, my passions and how I contribute to the relationships that I am in.

Have you ever thought of why is that person so interested in getting connected to me or getting to know me?

If you were to take a point and see yourself from that person’s eyes, how would they see me? What would they see as my good qualities? Why would they want to have me in their life?

Allow yourself to sit in this feeling for a little while and get familiar with it. It is the feeling that you know that you may have been avoiding for a while but it is time to embrace how worthy and valuable you are of everything that you receive.

Isn’t it so great to know that you really are that wonderful?