Connecting Underrepresented Groups With Potential Job Opportunities

Veza Global is so excited to announce the launch of The Equitable Database, the first of its kind in Canada.

The Equitable Database is a database where Veza Global will connect people who are underrepresented and equity deserving who are seeking employment opportunities to business owners/employers who are looking to diversify their candidate pool. People who are underrepresented would entail the following:

  • People who have culturally diverse backgrounds
  • People with diverse abilities
  • People with neurodiversity
  • People who identify as LGBTQAI2S+
  • Immigrants

How to be part of The Equitable Database if you are a person who is seeking employment opportunities?

If you are someone who identifies as underrepresented in the workplace, here are the steps you can take to be part of the database.

  1. Review and update your resume.
  2. Fill out The Equitable Database form. 
  3. You will then be added to a monthly mailing list with job opportunities

My organization is looking to diversify its hiring pool for its current job postings. How do we get access to The Equitable Database?

As an organization you will get the opportunity to diversify your pool of candidates through The Equitable Database. Here is how it works:

  1. Someone from your organization will fill out the Corporate Equitable Database form. 
  2. In the form, you will need to provide a person who we can contact and a link or PDF of your current job postings. 
  3. Your job postings will then be part of our monthly Equitable Database emails to connect those who are seeking employment opportunities with your postings.

What is the purpose of The Equitable Database?

Many of Veza Global’s clients are looking for candidates from pools outside of where they currently recruit from. Veza wants to support and elevate those who are underrepresented in the workforce by connecting them with employment opportunities. Given the current economy and the number of people that are transitioning careers, starting a new business or aligning to their true calling, Veza Global would like to support you in finding your next opportunity. 

This service is completely complimentary with no costs to either individuals and organizations. We are here to support you in your next steps of your careers and EDI journeys by providing this opportunity. If you have any questions or feedback we invite you to share them with us at hello@vezaglobal.com.


*We use the term People of Culturally Diverse backgrounds as those that are marginalized are not always a person of colour. We focus on creating equal opportunities for those who are/ have been racialized and marginalized. 

*Veza Global is acting as an information provider and is in no way liable for anything beyond the information provided. We are not vetting opportunities nor individuals on this database. We are acting in what we see as being the greatest good of connecting opportunities to individuals.