Throughout the ages, it has been said that it takes “a community to raise a child.”

This quote really resonated with me in the past few months as I realized that as community gathers and fulfills the needs of any home, it is quite easy to get things done and move forward.

This lesson I learned through the experience of having over a hundred people in my home and not knowing who  was bringing the groceries, what was being served for dinner, who cleaned the house and how everything was just getting done. Obviously there were a few key members that really stood out as they would be either the first ones to arrive or the last ones to leave, regardless there were many helping hands.

It was interesting in watching everyone’s reactions and emotions as individuals took typical gender specific roles. The women were in the kitchen and cleaning while the males were doing the errands, taking the garbage out or setting up the furniture. I wondered if this was happening as people were so emotional that they were going to their “trained” mannerisms, did they do this because as a society we expect that these are the roles that will be fulfilled or this is where they felt comfortable. All I knew is that a core group of people helped out regardless of what it was. I was requested many a times to tell people “what they can do to help” and “how can they support me right now” or “what do I need?” I realized I hear these questions on a daily basis but it wasn’t until now I realized how much community really meant to me, how much support we really do need on a day to day basis and I don’t have to do it all alone. The exact same way, a child is raised by the parents, grandparents, teachers, relatives, etc. The parents never do it on their own. They always have support along the way.

These realizations are a standard way of living for some but for me they showed me that I love the sense of community and I can open myself to receive the support that others provide me. That I can accept the help, love and support of others with gratitude as one of the core essence of all of us is that we want to have a sense of belonging, a sense of feeling needed and a sense of helping others.

So I raise question: Where can you allow in more support? What do you need to do or be in order to build a greater sense of community for yourself?

Honestly, from experience, I can tell you that the sense of community will elevate your spirit in the most positive way. You will have a greater sense of love for yourself as you allow in the love from others.