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Our partners make a difference. Learn about our industry partners and each organization’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. We are highlighting their products and services as they may be a benefit to you and your community.

The Reframe Group

Here at The ReFrame Group, we help people thrive today and protect tomorrow. We live by a shared belief that what we do matters and makes a difference. Our actions are directed by the intention of creating health, wealth and wellness for the people in our community as we strive towards the goal of making their lives better, easier and safer. This commitment to our community, as well as the environment, was certified in 2019 when we proudly achieved our status as a B Corporation. The design thinking approach behind our service challenges the assumptions often made in, and about, the insurance industry. We’ve redesigned how we measure success, placing our client relationships and service delivery at the pinnacle of our approach. Our purpose is to help people thrive today and protect tomorrow. The ReFrame Group began as an employee group benefits & retirement savings advisory. From this foundation we have expanded our services into individual and commercial insurance solutions, bringing on new team members with a combined 25 years of industry experience.

SVP Consulting

Strategy, Values & Purpose are table stakes for SVP Consulting and they know that sometimes you need an outside set of eyes to see, another set of ears to hear or need someone else to be the voice to help move you forward. Leadership can be thrilling, lonely, awesome, and scary. SVP Consulting gets it and is here to help.

Synergy On Board

Synergy on Boards Consulting Group promotes and supports the advancement of Black, Indigenous, and other visible minority subject matter experts and senior-level executives seeking to take their strong voices and expertise to the boardroom and to other decision-making tables. We advocate for both gender parity and cognitive diversity in the boardroom and other governance bodies. We provide a pathway for members to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of corporate governance, codes of conduct, the regulatory framework and more. We seek to amplify the interests of Black, Indigenous and visible minorities who aspire to be on paid private boards and advisory committees, non-profit boards, public and crown corporation boards & committees, public office appointments and elected office.

The Diversity Movement 

The Diversity Movement was created by a core team of innovators at Walk West through collaboration with an international group of diversity practitioners, business experts and marketing leaders to provide a comprehensive set of training, educational and actionable resources to help organizations move beyond compliance-based thinking to a mindset that enables business transformation. Diverse teams that are fully engaged in decision making and execution are more innovative, more profitable and more productive. 

Ish Kler Creative

Ishu Kler Creative, is a creative agency that offers photography, design and social media management services. Specializing in branding, lifestyle and portrait photography – we bring your vision to life. Ishu Kler, owner and CEO of IKC, is an avid believer in capturing authenticity, whether it be for business headshots or branding photography, family and wedding documentaries or creating logos, branding and illustrations. At Ishu Kler Creative, photography, design and online presence, are all forms of visual storytelling!

WhistleBlower Security

WhistleBlower Security (WBS) is the only ethics and compliance-based reporting service provider on the market dedicated to delivering a truly Human Centric Experience, delivering the best 24x7x365 reporting experience in the marketplace Since 2005, WBS has been dedicated to safeguarding hundreds of organizations against risk and fraud globally, while promoting and improving ethical work environments. WBS works with public, private and non-profits to augment, support and enhance cultures of integrity, accountability and transparency. We are the only B Corp Certified and Women in Business Certified Ethics Reporting and Case Management provider in the market dedicated to ensuring you have a unique, sensible, and complete solution – our IntegrityCounts Ethics Reporting and Case Management platform.


Culture has never been more important. 1 in 5 employees leaves their job due to a bad culture. A poll by Gallup found that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs. HR Managers shouldn’t have to face these challenges alone. Spotlight is a case management software that supports HR Managers by connecting them with external experts to resolve complicated HR cases. To save time, employees have the ability to create Spotlight cases via Slack (anonymously or not), ensuring that employers can identify culture issues before they escalate.

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