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Meet Keshia Rice

Keshia Rice is a dating coach and two-time Emmy-nominated journalist. As a coach, Keshia helps successful, Christian women learn how to attract quality men without compromising their values, identity, or sanity.

As the daughter, sister, and niece of preachers, Keshia understands what it’s like as a Christian woman to balance a conservative upbringing with modern hookup culture. And like many women in the corporate world, Keshia knows the challenges of being ambitious while maintaining your femininity.

She has written for Thrive Global, and mentors young women on success and developing healthy relationships.

Keshia and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia. When she’s not coaching or producing TV newscasts, Keshia loves to travel. She’s been to several states, and ten countries.

Tell me in 100 words who you are? How would you describe yourself.

I’m a dating coach for corporate/entrepreneurial, Christian women. I help women find their purpose partner by mixing spirituality and psychology to showing them how to heal their toxic past, show their value, and gain to confidence to attract a Godly man who’ll Cherish them. I’m also a newlywed, world-traveler, and two-time Emmy-nominated journalist.

What is the name of your company?

Keshia Rice

What motivates/inspires you to get up each morning?

I was hurt deeply by relationships in the past. I’m motivated to reach millions of women, and be the woman I so desperately needed in my life during that period.

What contribution are you most proud of to date?

Seeing clients with a history of abusive relationships finally attract healthy love.

What is it that you feel that you teach others through how you act/show up each day?

Confidence. Femininity. Self-Love.

What’s one change you would like to see in this world?

I need to see more women find their voices and demand to be treated better. There’s a whole generation of younger girls watching us, and I don’t want them to deal with the same hurt as us.

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