At veza, we honour the work of inspiring leaders every single day. Not just the known and notable but rather, everyday women who are drawing upon and celebrating their culture while making a lasting difference in their community using their gifts. From authors and teachers, CEOs to entrepreneurs, not-for-profit directors, artists, and more, these women are changing the face of leadership.

These are truly women to watch and veza community is so pleased to share their brilliance.

May their stories inspire YOU to rise.

Meet Aimee Sehwoerer.

After founding a worldwide Marketing Consulting firm, Aimee joined Investors Group in 2014. She is a well-known mentor and advocate for financial literacy, featured in magazines and television.

She is passionate in helping clients achieve their financial goals through various areas of financial planning. She builds and maintains strong relationships by delivering short and long term quality sound advice on investment, debt and estate planning issues that we face today, for Canadian families and growing businesses.

Currently enrolled in the Certified Financial Planning programs, while supporting and volunteering with small organizations and various boards and committees.

Aimee is an entrepreneur and civil rights advocate, who is passionate about financial education.

She is a die hard lover of chocolates, novels and adventures!

So tell us, Aimee: What inspires you most? What motivates you to get up every morning?

I find it rewarding to wake up knowing that I will make a difference in someone’s financial life, that will enable them to reach their financial goals and live the life they’ve always wanted. It doesn’t get better that!

What is it that you feel that you teach others through how you act/show up each day?

Discipline and Mindset!

What is one change you’d like to see in the world?

End to any form of abuse and bullying.

Which of your contributions to date have given you the greatest sense of pride?

Partnering up with organizations such as BYOBF, Mompreneurs Canada to discuss about financial challenges and solutions, with simple language, values and goals that resonate with me and many other women’s.

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