It seems as though the value of having your own personal coach is being understood. In a few conversations over the last few weeks, people were discussing the need to have the impartial supporter who will kick them when they need but overall is taking a stand for them.

Many of us are fortunate that we have the supportive networks around us so that we are constantly growing and expanding as individuals, so what can the coach really do for you that your network can’t?

A coach is able to be fully present for you. The goal of the conversation is about you moving to where you need to go. They aren’t going to be interrupting you with what is going on with their life. They are there for you.

A coach is your biggest supporter as well as the one who will provide the most constructive criticism. Yes, they will call you on the things that no one else will. Yes, it does sting but they are only doing what you are paying them to do…take a stand for you! You know you have great potential and you also know that sometimes you get stuck in fear, well they lovingly but firmly give you the push you need to step back into your potential and out of fear.

When are starting the process of deciding which coach to hire, it is best to interview at minimum two coaches. This way you can be sure that you will work well together. Coaching is a process where vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears will come out and it is a place where you will share your greatest dreams, acknowledge your strengths and boast about your successes, therefore it is important that you feel safe. Here are some questions that you can use when interviewing coaches:

1) What is your background professionally and in coaching?

2) Who is your ideal client?

3) What type of tools do you use in coaching? (Emotional intelligence, psychological, spirituality, visualization, etc)

4) How will you keep me accountable? How will you support me especially when I know I am dancing around a topic?

The most important part of the coaching relationship is the safety in the space of being yourself. It is important that you feel that you will not be judged.

A coach can help you in any aspect of your life from personal, money, relationships with others, relationship with your body, career and business. It is important for you to feel uncomfortable enough with where you are to take the step to move forward to where you want to go. “As you will get out of it, what you put into it.”