In business we usually develop our strategic plan with our goals and objectives that help to guide us to achieve our success. If you don’t have this strategic plan, I do hope you have some kind of road map that is guiding you towards the path of what you are intending to achieve. We have only heard one too many times that “If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know when you get there,” or something along that line.

If you were to imagine where you see your business/career, where would that be?

Now think about and write down all your excuses for getting there? We all know that we make these excuses. Write down each and every one.

As you reread your list, pretend those are someone else’s excuses. What would you say to them if they told you that is why they are not doing what they know they can achieve.

Listen to the advice you are giving them and apply it to your self.

Now go and achieve the success you are meant to achieve.