The systems that we live in can be exhausting especially when you are doing so much to change them. It is frustrating, agitating, can bring up feelings of hopelessness and a span of other emotions. It can be very defeating when you have put your time and energy into doing your best to positively impact the organization and the world. 

These feelings are all very valid. All of us have been there, especially when you work in human resources or equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. The resilience and capacity to deal with the emotions decreases, however the fire inside you still burns. 

It is that fire that is the fuel for real change. 

That fire can be harnessed by finding areas of influence that are in your sphere. 

So what is in your control?

Partnerships – who finds out about the job opportunities open in your organization? Sharing them with organizations that support equity deserving groups is a great way to create change in one person’s life. (Veza created this hiring partners and supplier diversity list that may be useful)

Diversify Suppliers – to create true economic change for equity deserving groups hire them and their companies. Truly move your money to companies that otherwise may not be a part of the supplier list for your organization

Community – connect with others who are also interested in changing systems and share best practices. Currently, Veza hosts this group on Linkedin and soon we will be announcing something special in this area so please keep a lookout on the space

What are strategies that you use to impact your sphere of influence?