In celebration of International Women’s Day[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMU_iwe6U]

Beyonce has the right vision of how Women should run the world. Women are know to be in touch with their emotions which makes them exceptional leaders. Women have been leaders in different capacities around the world. I recently came across the Guide to Women Leaders http://www.guide2womenleaders.com/, which lists all women leaders in politics over time. This site was a blessing to see.

The fact that women are running the world in different ways, makes me feel proud to be a women. Recently I have been researching and reading about how throughout history women have always helped men lead empires and religions. The women were the silent leaders. They led through “advising” the men on what actions to take. As I was researching more on the history of the Taj Mahal (which is made in honor of a women), I came to learn that Mumtaz Mahal has been said to be the power behind Emperor Shah Jahan. The thought comes to mind, how many women have been truly in power but were hidden from the public eye?

It is wonderful to see that now women are coming to the forefront and claiming their place in society. the Forbes Most Powerful Women. This list is complete with women who are current leaders in business and politics. I was slightly disappointed that in the Forbes billionaire list have inherited the wealth (Wal-Mart, Loreal are in the top twenty – www.forbes.com). I would have loved to see women entrepreneurs and leaders to have been on this list on their own accord. I know that in time that is the direction we are heading in but it has taken centuries to arrive to even this place.

What are you doing in your life to contribute to women running the world? How are you supporting your passion to contribute to this movement?