Love. Something we all crave and want.

Acceptance. We just want to know that other love us.

Self-love. We keep hearing about it and you think, don’t I already love myself? How could I even love myself anymore?

Worthiness. I am worthy of love, aren’t I?

The question is, how do these words impact our work life and our success?

We keep hearing about them but aren’t they separate from work life? Is there a way that these are impacting your success at work?

The person who annoys us the most at work is actually mirroring aspects of ourselves that we need to heal.

I know you are thinking…Really, you are kidding me, right? right?

Actually I am not, well kind of. There are two things that can happen. They are either mirroring an aspect we need to heal or an aspect we have healed to show us how far we have come.

Now you are thinking, but can’t they just be annoying without these lessons?

Well think about it. Think about the person that annoys you the most at work. Who do they remind you of? The person they remind you of, what did they used to do to annoy you? Is there a similarity between the two? What lesson did you have to learn from the other person that used to annoy you? What did you need to think or believe and the situation got better?

Yes all of these situations teach us lessons. Sometimes it is as simple as compassion, forgiveness or aspects of ourselves that we need to love.

So now do you see how love, acceptance, worthiness and self love play into your work life. We may be reflected aspects of what we need to heal in our work environment. If we have increased worthiness, love and acceptance in our lives, we show up differently at work. We are more inclined to think for the betterment of the company instead of being stuck in our own story. We are also more inclined to take risks in the workplace by stretching outside the comfort zone.

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