It was 5 years ago today I saw Taranveer, my brother for the last time. As I reflect back to those moments, my heart just wanted to give him so much love where my soul told me to let go. I remember touching his head as a proud loving older sister would have even though I had just finished yelling at him – yes that is the relationships of siblings.

The words I said harshly popped into my head over time the last few years at first I felt shameful and guilty but over time I realized that this was a wonderful lesson, I know my words can be harsh so I need to be careful with how I say them and in what context.

Communication is a key attribute of any relationship. I know that I can communicate my feelings well through written words rather than in person which is why I had apologized to him and he apologized to me on the phone first and then through text message.

We both knew that we needed to heal whatever was said as he was going on a journey – we did not know that his journey was going to be one of leaving his human body.

We are all on a journey so words will be said, actions will be done but it is important to remember what is the feeling that you truly feel for that person. If we are speaking from the heart then the words are softer. When we speak from the ego, the words are harsher.

The conversations of truth and understanding each other are very important. It is important to express what is going on so that others can lessen their judgements of you but maybe they won’t. That is why it is important to choose what you are sharing and with whom.

Even if your words are meant to be of love and understanding, others have their own filters so it is important to remember how you intend to say something is not how it may land. Therefore listen to what they have to say.

I wish I had listened more that day to understand what his reasons were and what he was trying to tell me but my ego was speaking.

Now when I know my words are from my ego, I take a breath so I can listen with my heart. The heart wants to hear others through the love you have for them.

Are you leaving conversations with words from your heart? If not, maybe it is time to listen from your heart. This applies in all relationships whether be it at work or personal as human relationships are relationships.