Are you at a decision making crossroads?

Life was going so well. The birds were singing, the grass was green and the sky was blue.

Over a cumulation of days, you start to feel some unease in your body. You start to realize that something is gnawing at you.

The gnawing feeling grows and you become aware of the fact that you are not as happy as you thought you were.

Well you do have the option of going in a new direction or you can continue to pursue the road you are on.

If this is the place you are in, today I will lead you through an exercise so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Take a few deep breaths and bring yourself to a calm, relaxed state.

I will ask you a list of questions, please answer them truthfully and honestly. While you are answering these questions, just allow the answers to flow to you through brainstorming.

1. What is your big vision of where you want to be 20 years from now? How does it feel? What can you see? Who is around you?

2. Ask your future self, what steps did you take to get there?

3. What/Who did you need to release so you can move forward to align to that direction?

4. What aspects of your current life align in support of this vision? What aspects of your current life do not align to support this vision?

5. What do you need to do in the next 30 days to achieve this vision? What do you need to do in the next 60 days? What do you need to do in the next year?

6. On a scale of 1-10, how committed, ready, willing and able are you to move towards this vision?

Now, thank your future self for showing your what is the direction you want to go in. It is time to celebrate this vision and this life you created for yourself.

Celebration as you move forward

It comes a time as an individual or an organization where we are pulled to grow. For an individual the time comes when they are faced with an opportunity that will make them step outside their comfort zone. For an organization, it may come when a key individual stands in their truth and makes a decision to move forward.

How do you feel when you are called to step into truth of what your next steps may be? Are you scared, frightened and worried about what others may say? Yes this happens within organizations as well. Organizations have feelings and identities. Many times clients and relationships are built with a person within the organization and not the organization themselves. If the individual decides to leave they may take a part of the organization with them.

For an individual it is important to remember that everything happens for the best. When are given the opportunity to grow, take a deep breath and remember what your strengths are.

For an organization, the management team must stay in a place of open communication, being pro-active and not reactive. The organization should have plans in place to have that key individual’s relationships be introduced to other people in the organization so that the relationship is with the organization and not the person. It is possible to build relationships with organizations, as long as the culture of the organization is collaborative and community building. What is the culture of your organization like?

Step into the next stage of your life with solid foundations based on trust within yourself.

Is it work when you are having fun?

Is it work when you are having fun?

What is it that you notice about this picture? There is lots of people and a little boy dancing as the obvious. What emotion do you see in the boy?

I am seeing alot of joy, passion and celebration. He is having fun.

As I was prepping for this Media launch of the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society(VIBC) City of Bhangra festival 2012 (www.cityof bhangra.com), I realized I was having fun with my role in this organization. I have been with VIBC for the last 6 years in various roles from event coordinator to operations to festival production to grant writer to tresaurer to vice-chair. I have grown as a professional and personally from my experience with the organization. The best part is I am only with the organization because I have fun. I feel passion and joy and I meet like-minded individuals.

This is a volunteer role. I used to have a belief that I couldnt have fun and enjoy what I do because life is struggle and work. In the past year with my own business, I know there is space for fun, passion and joy while earning money.

How can you have more fun in your career? Are you having fun now or do you need a change?

Celebrating one year

Celebrating one year

Into Essence Coaching is celebrating one year!

Happy Birthday to me:)

It has been quite a fun year. The people I  met, the conversations I had and the shifts that we saw.

I had started thinking I would be doing just business coaching but quickly expanded to working with on time management, feeling happier and more joyful in their life. I saw people feel more energized and refreshed after sessions. I saw people feel lighter and brighter. I saw people happy in their life.

What a joy it is to be witness that!

What are you celebrating from the past year?